Email Scam Photo Gallery

These are images taken from actual scam emails received by Scamdex. They are often included in second step transactions to give credibility to claims. We have seen everything from counterfeit checks to death certificates - always very convincing, but remember that color printers and rubber stamps are cheap.
[1] Death Certificate of a Wealthy Man who 'died' in Nigeria and has no obvious relatives and a large inheritance.
Now all that's needed is someone in the west to claim him as a decendant and then they can geta share of the booty. No risk, all gain - what can go wrong?
The answer is always the same - you need to hand over a large sum of money before you get your hands on the main haul.... and don't forget, if you take part, you are committing a criminal act - but, hey! it's Africa, right - who cares - what can they do to us Ameripeans?
[2] Five Million USD in a Vault - Just to show you that the money is REALLY there (except it isn't).
[3] A 'Telegraphic Transfer' notice showing that twelve million Dollars has been transferred into the victim's bank account as the result of an 'Unclaimed Inheritance' scam. In this scam the scammer convinces the victim that he has discovered a large inheritance that will be forfeited to the state if a suitable claimant cannot be found. Despite the obvious criminal intent (Fraudulently claiming to be a relative of a deceased person), the scammer makes it clear that there is little chance of discovery. This makes this scam appealing, and at the same time is a sad reflection on the greed/gullability of any participating victim.
[4] Abuja Federal High Court
I love this one. The various stamps, annotations, signatures etc make it a work of bureacratic art worthy of the Bleak House Chancery lawyers.
[5] Afribank
Another suitably impressive, official-looking form from a Nigerian Bank, promissing the deposit of a huge amount of money in your bank account (any day now!)
[6] What's in the Box?
The pandora's box scam - now you just need to sign a few forms, pay a few local taxes and the box will be released to you and on a plane to your designated airport. If there is a box, and in nearly all cases there isn't - the box will likely contain some rocks and garbage. In the meantime, you will have paid dearly.
[7] Another certificate - from the 'Courier Company'.
The scammer will happily manufacture as many of these legal documents as you want. He will provide no end of phone numbers of people to talk to - anything to get your money in their hands.